Alabado (Song of Praise)

Traditional, 1600s


2. Y la limpia Concepcion
De la Reyna de los cielos
Que quedando Virgen pura
Es Madre del Verbo eterno

3. Y el bendito San Jose
Electo por Dios inmenso
Para Padre estimativo
De su Hijo el Divino Verbo

4. Esto es por todos los siglos
Y de los siglos Amen.
Amen Jesus y Maria,
Jesus Maria y Jose!

English translation

2. Laud the glorious Conception
Of the Queen in God's kingdom supernal
Who remaining in Virgin stainless,
Bore for men the Word eternal.

3. Honor Joseph, spouse of Mary,
The chosen of God in heaven
To his paternal arms so tender
The Incarnate Son was given.

4. Then honor, laud and glory be
To the best beloved three.
Hail, dearest Lord, hail, sweet Mary,
Hail, good and holy Joseph!

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