As Near Beauteous Boston Lying

Words Anonymous; tune "Hosier's Ghost," 1774

2. Arm'd with hammers, axe and chisels,
Weapons new for warlike deed,
Towards the herbage freighted vessels,
They approach'd with dreadful speed.
O'er their heads aloft in mid-sky
Three bright Angel forms were seen;
This was Hampden, that was Sidney,
With fair Liberty between.

3. "Soon," they cry'd, "your foes you'll banish,
"Soon the triumph shall be won;
"Scarce shall setting Phoebus vanish,
"E're the deathless deed be done."
Quick as thought the ships were boarded,
Hatches burst and chests display'd;
Axes, hammers, help afforded;
What a glorious crash they made!


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4. Squash into the deep descended
Cursed weed of China's coast —
Thus at once our fears were ended;
British rights shall ne'er be lost.
Captains! Once more hoist your streamers,
Spread your sails, and plow the wave!
Tell your masters they were dreamers
When they thought to cheat the Brave.


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