Unit 1: Worlds Meeting through 1760


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“Once More! Our God Vouchsafe to Shine”

Samuel Sewall; tune “The Ten Commandments,”
A song expressing English motivations for “taming” the continent



War and Peace


“Death of General Wolfe”

Words Anonymous; tune “Bold Wolfe,” 1760
The story of the British general who became a hero during the French and Indian War





“Tobacco’s But an Indian Weed”

George Wither, 1662
Sung while harvesting the American colonies first cash crop


“Welcome, Welcome, Brother Debtor”

Francis Williams, 1740s
A song from a popular ballad opera, The Prisoner’s Opera

“Round the Corner, Sally” and “Round the Corn, Sally”

A traditional sailing song later adapted by African Americans as a field song





“Children in the Woods”

Anonymous, 1595
A song that expresses the way children were regarded in the 16th & 17th centuries


“New England’s Annoyances”

Anonymous, 1643
A song detailing life in the early New England colonies



Moving Along


“En Roulant ma Boule”

Traditional, 1500s
A paddling song of the French voyageurs and fur traders

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“Friendly Invitation to a New Plantation”

Anonymous, tune “Tom o’Bedlam,” 1638
A “recruiting” song urging Puritans to settle in New England

“La courte paille (The Short Straw)”

Traditional, c. 1755
French Acadians tell what happened after the British exiled them from their homes


Faith and Ideals


“Old Hundred”

Bay Psalm Book, 1640
The 100th Psalm from a Puritan psalter, a book of Psalms set in meter for singing


“Let Us Break Bread Together”

Traditional, 1676
African American spiritual used to call a secret meeting


“Alabado (Song of Praise)”

Traditional, 1600s
A hymn from the Spanish missions of California

“God Save The King”

Anonymous, 1700s
The royal anthem of England was proudly shared by the colonists during this period

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