1700 "Greenland Whale Fishery" (1700s)  

1711-15 Tuscarora Indian War

1712 Carolina divided into two colonies


1717 It takes one month for a letter to travel from Boston to Williamsburg, two months in the winter

1717 Remaining Tuscarora Indians placed on Reservation

1718 New Orleans founded

1725   1729-1757 Jonathan Edwards' ministry

Great Awakening begins

1732 Georgia settled

1735   Zenger Trial establishes freedom of press

George Whitfield's preaching tours

English settlers and traders move into Ohio River Valley


1752 Britain and the British colonies switch from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar

1752 Benjamin Franklin's kite experiment

1753 Benjamin Franklin named deputy postmaster general of colonies

1754 Fort Duquesne built

1754 French & Indian War begins

1755   1759 British take Quebec

1763 Pontiac's War

1763 Treaty of Paris

1764 Sugar Act


The Stamp Act

Quartering Act

1766 Pontiac's War Treaty

1766 Congress repeals Stamp Act

1767 John Dickinson's Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania

1767 Townshend Acts


Boston Massacre

1773 Tea Act

1773 Boston Tea Party

1774 The Intolerable Acts

1774 Quebec Act

1774 First Continental Congress


Revolutionary War Begins

Battle of Lexington and Concord

Paul Revere's ride

2nd Continental Congress

Battle of Bunker Hill

1776 Declaration of Independence

1776 Battle of Trenton

1776 Thomas Paine's "Common Sense"

1777 Battles of Princeton and Saratoga

1777 Alliance with France

1777 Battle of Brandywine

1777 Articles of Confederation written

1779 "Amazing Grace"

General Benedict Arnold begins bargaining with the British

John Paul Jones' victory


1781 Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown

1781 Battle of Cowpens

1781 Articles of Confederation ratified

1783 Vermont, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire have outlawed slavery

1783 Treaty of Paris


1786 Shay's Rebellion

1787 Constitutional Convention, Philadelphia

1787 Northwest Ordinance

1787 Delaware is the first state to ratify the Constitution; New Jersey and Pennsylvania soon follow

1788 Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, South Carolina, & Virginia become states (1788)

New government begins: April 30, 1789 Washington inaugurated in NYC

1789 Judiciary Act (1789)

1789 The first Congress passes a series of amendments (1789)

1789 North Carolina statehood


Rhode Island statehood

1791 Bill of Rights ratification complete

1791 Vermont statehood

1791 Bank of United States

1792 Lancaster Turnpike built

1792 Kentucky statehood

1793 cotton gin invented

1793 Neutrality Proclamation

1794 Whiskey Rebellion


Treaty of Greenville

Jay's Treaty ratified

1796 Tennessee statehood

1797 U.S.S. Constitution

1797 XYZ Affair

1797 John Adams becomes President of the United States

1798 Alien & Sedition Acts

1798 Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions

1797 John Adams becomes President of the United States


"Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child"


1803 Louisiana Purchase

1803 Marbury v. Madison

1804 Louis & Clark set out

1804 12th amendment ratified


War with Tripoli ends

1806 Congress approves funding for National Road

1807 Robert Fulton's first steamboat

1807 Embargo Act

1807 Clermont launched

1809 James Madison becomes President of the United States

1809 Nonintercourse Act


1811 Battle of Tippecanoe

1812 War declared on Britain

1812 Louisiana statehood

1813 Battle for Lake Erie

1814 "Star Spangled Banner"

Battle of Horseshoe Bend

British burn Washington DC

Battle of New Orleans

Tariff of 1816

1816 Era of Good Feelings begins


1816 Indiana statehood

1817 James Monroe becomes President of the United States

1817 Mississippi statehood

Building of the Erie Canal

1818 National Road complete

1818 Illinois statehood

Panic of 1819

1819 Adams-Onis treaty

1819 Alabama statehood


Maine statehood

Missouri Compromise

Slavery ends in the North

1821 Mexican independence

1821 Missouri statehood

1821First public high school

1822 "The Hunters of Kentucky"

Liberia established

1823 Monroe Doctrine

1824 Henry Clay's American System


1828 Baltimore & Ohio Railroad chartered

1829 First steam engine locomotive used in America

1829 Andrew Jackson becomes President of the United States


1830 Indian Removal Act

1831 William Lloyd Garrison's Liberator

1831 Nat Turner's revolt

1832 "America (My Country 'Tis of Thee)"

Jackson vetoes Bank Bill Nullification Act

Seminole War begins


Trail of Tears (1835-36)

1836 Republic of Texas

1836 Battle of the Alamo

1836 Battle of San Jacinto

1836 First women's college

1836 Arkansas statehood

1837 Martin van Buren becomes President of the United States

1837 Michigan statehood

Panic of 1837

Panic of 1839

1840 "Trail of Tears" (1840s)

Samuel Morse receives telegraph patent

1841 "I'm Afloat on the Erie Canal" John Tyler becomes President of the United States
1843 "The Song of the Shirt"  

"Get Off the Track"

"Blue Juniata"



Texas & Florida statehood

James Polk becomes President of the United States

1845-50 Irish potato famine

1846 Iowa Statehood

1846 Oregon becomes a U.S. territory

c. 1848 "Simple Gifts"

Wisconsin statehood

Mexican Cession

Seneca Falls Convention

1849 California Gold Rush


Compromise of 1850

California statehood

Fugitive Slave Law

1851 Moby Dick published

1851 Fort Laramie Treaty

1852 Uncle Tom's Cabin published

1852 Elisha Otis invents the passenger elevator

1853 Gadsden Purchase

1853 Franklin Pierce becomes President of the United States

1854 Walden published

1854 Kansas-Nebraska Act

1855 "Hard Times Come Again No More"  
1856 "Darling Nelly Gray"

1857 Dred Scott Decision

1857 James Buchanan becomes President of the United States

1858 "Sweet Betsy from Pike"

Lincoln-Douglas debates

Minnesota statehood

1859 Oregon statehood

1859 Drake's Oil Well, PA

1859 John Brown's Harper's Ferry Raid

1860 "The Glendy Burk"

Slaves make up 1/3 of the population in the South

South Carolina secedes

1861 "Go Down Moses"

Kansas statehood

Confederacy founded

Fall of Ft. Sumter

Battle of Bull Run

Congress passes first income tax law

Abraham Lincoln becomes President of the United States




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