Get Off the Track

Words by Jesse Hutchinson , Jr.; tune "Old Dan Tucker," 1844

1. Ho, the car Emancipation
Rides majestic through our nation
Bearing on its train the story
Liberty! A Nation's Glory.
Roll it along, roll it along,
Roll it along thro the Nation
Freedom's car, Emancipation.

2. First of all a train e'en greater
Speeds the toughest Liberator
Onward cheered amid hosannas
And the waving of Free Banners.
Roll it along, roll it along
Roll it along! spread your banners
While the people shout hosannas.

3. Let the Ministers and Churches
Leave behind sectarian lurches;
Jump on board the Car of Freedom,
Ere it be too late to need ‘em.
Sound the alarm! Pulpits thunder!
Ere too late, you see your blunder!

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4. Rail Roads to Emancipation
Cannot rest on Clay foundation.
And the tracks of The Magician!
Are but Rail Roads to perdition.
Pull up the Rails! Emancipation
Cannot rest on such foundation.

5. All true friends of Emancipation,
Haste to Freedom's railroad station;
Quick into the cars get seated,
All is ready and completed.
Put on the Steam! All are crying,
And the Liberty Flags are flying.

6. Hear the mighty car wheels humming!
Now look out The Engine's coming
Church and statesmen hear the thunder!
Clear the track! or you'll fall under
Get off the track! Get off the track!
Get off the track! all are singing
While the Liberty Bell is ringing.



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