The Hunters of Kentucky

Words by Samuel Woodworth; music by George Colman, 1822

1. You gentlemen and ladies fair, that grace this famous city,
Come listen, if you've time to spare, while I rehearse this ditty;
And for the opportunity consider yourself lucky
It is not often that you see ahunter from Kentucky.

O Kentucky!
The hunters of Kentucky!
2. Now you all did read in the public prints, how Pakenham attempted
To make our Hickory Jackson wince, but soon his scheme repented
Jackson he was wide awake and he wasn't scared of trifles,
Well he knew what aim we take with our Kentucky rifles.

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3. Well a bank was raised to hide our breasts, not that we thought of dying,
But that we always like to rest, unless our game is flying
Behind it stood our little band: and wished it to be greater;
Every man was half a horse, and half an alligator.

4. Well, the British found 'twas vain to fight where lead was all their booty,
And so they wisely took to flight, and left us all this beauty.
So if danger e'er annoys, remember what our trade is;
Send for us Kentucky boys, and we'll protect you, ladies.



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