Timeline and Table of Contents

Each unit opens with a timeline that serves as both a song-finding aid for teachers and a graphic organizer for students, and a Table of Contents, which lists the songs by theme and includes short summaries to help teachers target the right song to meet their instructional goals.


The songs for that unit appear at the top of the timeline, chronologically according to when they were first published, in their appropriate theme. Below the timeline are major events, technological advances, and legislation, inviting comparison between the songs and the events that were contemporary to them. Presidential terms appear immediately below the timeline, and multi-year events -- such as wars -- are graphically depicted to emphasize their impact on American life.


Table of Contents

Themes are listed on the side of the table of contents for ease in matching songs with goals and standards. The title of each song, as well as any known variants, the composer, and the list of its first year of publication are included in the table of contents, as is a synopsis to aid in determining if the song will fit your instructional goals. To the right of each song is the page number it appears on and the CD and track number where you may find the recording -- if provided -- for the piece.

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Timeline & Table of Contents

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1. Worlds Meeting through 1760

2. New Nation, 1760-1820

3. Expansion & Reform, 1800-1860

4. Civil War & Reconstruction, 1860-1876

5. Development of Industrial

    U.S., 1870-1900

6. Emergence of Modern U.S., 1900-1929

7. Great Depression & WW II, 1930-1945

8. Post-War U.S, .1946-1973

9. Changing America, 1974 -2000

10. The New Millennium


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