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At the heart of Voices Across Time are the pages devoted to each song. The teacher's page occupies the left side of the spread; a reproducible student page is on the right. When available, original sheet music is reprinted.

Background History

The song page includes musicologist prepared background histories of each song, including the context in which they were written, and biographical information on the composers and lyricists. Any vocabulary terms that need to be defined also appear on this page, as do important connections with other songs that appear in Voices Across Time. Song activities and discussion questions help students make the connection between the songs and their studies.


Lyrics Page

On the lyrics page, song lyrics aid students in their listening and wide margins give them ample room to take notes.  Recording notes provide background information on the sound recording, including biographical information about the performers and descriptions of important stylistic choices.


When possible, an early edition of the score is reproduced so that students have access to the physical primary source for a song.  If a song pre-dated music publication, a transcription of the piece appears with complete musical notation

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Song pages


1. Worlds Meeting through 1760

2. New Nation, 1760-1820

3. Expansion & Reform, 1800-1860

4. Civil War & Reconstruction, 1860-1876

5. Development of Industrial

    U.S., 1870-1900

6. Emergence of Modern U.S., 1900-1929

7. Great Depression & WW II, 1930-1945

8. Post-War U.S, .1946-1973

9. Changing America, 1974 -2000

10. The New Millennium


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