Unit 5: Development of the Industrial United States, 1870-1900

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“No Irish Need Apply”

John F. Poole, 1862
A lament against Irish discrimination in America


“The New America”

Words by Elizabeth Boynton Herbert, tune of “America,” 1891
A request for equality for women


“Going to the Polls”

Words by Julia B. Nelson, tune of “Comin’ thro’ the Rye,” 1884
A song that asks for the justification behind denying women suffrage

“Before I'd Be a Slave”




War and Peace


“The Stars and Stripes Forever”

John Philip Sousa, 1897
A patriotic march by America’s most famous bandmaster


“Break the News to Mother”

Charles K. Harris, 1897
A sentimental parlor song made popular by the explosion of the Battleship Maine

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“John Henry”

Traditional, c 1870s
A folk song pitting a hero against a modern machine


“Drill, Ye Tarriers, Drill”

Thomas F. Casey, 1888
A comic song about the dangers of steam drilling


“The Farmer is the Man”

Anonymous, 1880s
A declaration of the value and primacy of the American farmer


“Arwhoolie” Corn Field Holler

Traditional, 1870-80s
An African American field call

“Mule Skinner Blues”

Traditional, 1890s
A traditional African American work blues song




“Father’s a Drunkard and Mother is Dead”

Words Nellie Bradley; music Mrs. Parkhurst, 1866
A temperance song about the innocent victims of alcoholism


“The Bowery”

Words by Percy Gaunt, music by Charles H. Hoyt, 1891
A musical theatre hit about New York’s most notorious district



Moving Along

“Carry Me Back to Old Virginny”

James Bland, 1878


“Thousands Are Sailing to Amerikay”

Anonymous, 1870s
An Irish song about the people immigrants leave behind


“Home on the Range”

Words by Dr. Brewster Higley, music by Daniel E. Kelley, 1876
The first quintessential cowboy song

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“Crossing the Grand Sierras”

Henry Clay Work, 1870
An intricate song about the joy of transcontinental train travel


“I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen”

Thomas P. Westendorf, 1875
An immigrant expresses his desire to return to his homeland

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Faith and Ideals

“Sun Dance Song”

A traditional Plains Indian song and dance

“America the Beautiful”

Words by Katherine Lee Bates; music by Samuel Ward, 1893
A celebration of America’s beauty and wonders

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“Onward Christian Soldiers”

Words Sabine Baring-Gould; music Sir Arthur Sullivan, 1864–71
A stirring hymn asking for charity and altruism

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