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Voices Across Time was made possible by grants from the Howard Heinz Endowment and the Grable Foundation.

Voices Across Time Summer Institutes for Teachers were funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities.


Resource Guide

  • Deane L. Root, Ph.D., Project Director

  • Susan K. Donley, Curriculum Developer, Graphic and Web design

  • Mariana Whitmer, Ph.D., Musicologist

  • Kathryn Miller Haines, Project Coordinator, Rights acquisition

NEH Summer Institute for Teachers

  • Deane L. Root, Ph.D.

  • Christopher Lynch, Ph.D.

  • Kathryn Miller Haines

Project Advisors

Teacher Advisory Committee

  • Billie Gailey

  • Loretta Jackson

  • Joanne Johnston

  • Arlene Levy

  • Richard Williams

Pilot Teachers

  • Pete DiNardo

  • Constance Bailey

  • Don Roberts, Ph.D.


  • Garrett Haines, Recording and sound mastering

  • Dovey Banks, Rights acquisition

  • Susan Key, Music Education Consultant

  • Jessica Root, Researcher

  • Nathan Bowers, Researcher
  • Joanna Smolko, Researcher
  • Nancy Pistone, Evaluation


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